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Funny Videos: Benefits Of Having Kids At Home?

What Are The Benefits Of Kids To Their Parents?

It’s true that it’s hard to raise kids these days because of expenses and hassles, but parenting is not always about hardships, there are many benefits of having kids at home and here are few of those:

Kids make their parents happier.

Parents tend to laugh more when they’re playing with their kids and their kids smile and laugh bring them bliss.

Researcher’s in Taiwan’s Mental Health Foundation proves that couples with kids are much happier and have better psychological well-being than those who have no children.

“The results shows that people who have children are happier and have greater satisfaction and emotional well-being than those without children,” -Tom Yang (Lead Researcher of Taiwan’s Mental Health Foundation)

Regardless of financial status, occupation, age and sex, parents enjoy almost anything their kids do.

Kids can improve parents health.

Parents are getting good exercise when they play with their kids and fool around with them. It’s not just a good exercise but a stress reliever at the same time. Less stress with exercise is good health.

Parents realize that they need to take care of their well-being because they are responsible for taking care of their children’s.

In addition, thinking of their kids’ future motivates parents to do better in their work and it gives them goal and purpose.

“Children make your life important.” – Erma Bombeck, American humorist

Parents get to be a kid again.

This is a good chance to be a kid again. It’s like you were granted a license to fool around, be silly, play at the park, watch cartoons, play with toys and maybe go to Disney Land

These are good bonding activities with kids that you will cherish, so don’t forget to take pictures and videos.

Speaking of which, here’s a compilation of funny kids videos 🙂

Youtube video by AlotVines

There are other benefits of having little cuties at home:

Kids completes the family.

Even if partners are happily married, successful in life, have expensive house, luxury cars etc, nothing will complete their family until there’s a child.

Children make home’s atmosphere brighter

When you have kids at home it feels like there’s no dull moments, it feels like you’re in an amusement park or maybe in a festival until the kids sleep.

And when you have visitors, they are always there to make some noise and make things a little complicated.

It is tiring but the joy they bring is more than enough to keep the parents going.

Parents increase confidence and self-esteem

Who wouldn’t feel proud of himself when his kid smiles back at him and says that he’s the best dad in the world. Those adorable words is very motivating and it increases self-esteem.

It gives parents so much confidence that they feel like they can do anything for their children.

Parents become more caring

Unconsciously, couples became more caring to other kids. When they see children, they always remind them of their own child, which leads to becoming more caring to other children and it increases their patience as well.

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