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Funny Videos: Skateboarding Tricks For Newbies

Skateboarding is not an easy sports, you must be equipped with the fundamentals before attempting to do some tricks.

Not to mention, skateboarding tricks may take few days to few months to learn while at risk of hurting yourself.

Mastering the basics and continuous training are the key to smoother learning curve.

Doing advance tricks without learning the basics may cause bruises and a lot of pain. You know what I mean.

Credit goes to FailLand

These incidents cannot be avoided totally but it can be lessen by equipping yourself with Skateboarding fundamentals and basic tricks.

We collated few of those basic tricks that can help beginners have a better learning curve.

First 8 Tricks Newbie Skaters Should Learn

Once you know how to ride and turn a skateboard, it’s time to learn the basic tricks. Mastering basic tricks and fundamental skills can go a long way. These are stepping stones leading to advance tricks and these can improve your Skateboarding skills in general.

Note: Don’t forget to wear your safety gears and practice on a safe places like Skate park and Trails.

1. Ollie

Ollie is one of the most common tricks you see from Skaters, this is jumping with the skateboard without using a ramp.

It can be done by moving at comfortable speed and snapping the tail of the board while jumping at the same time.

doing this trick really well can go a long way. This fundamental trick leads to tons of cool tricks.

Credit goes to slowmomike

2. Shove it (Shuvit)

Shove it or also known as Shuvit is a fairly easy Skateboarding trick which can be done by shoving the tail of the board and making it spin 180° without the board hitting the ground.

Mastering this trick can open to new advance tricks like Frontside and Backside Pop Shuvit and 360 Pop Shuv-it.

Credit goes to RIDE Channel

3. Kickflip

Kickflip can be done by kicking the board off to the side and flipping the board 360° while at the peak of an Ollie. It rotates towards the heel-side of the skateboard or rotated counterclockwise for regular-foot skater.

It’s a cool trick that many Skaters want to learn, but it’s not easy to land.

Some may take couple of weeks to learn it while some may take couple of months. You need a lot of patience and desire to learn this trick.

Credit goes to Braille Skateboarding

4. Heelflip

Heelflip is a bit similar to Kickflip, the main difference is the board should rotate towards the toe-side which is the opposite direction of Kickflip.

Those who are not playing skateboards may have a hard time telling the difference between the two, but most skaters know. In addition, they know that Heelflip is slightly harder to do than Kickflip.

Credit goes to slowmomike

5. 50-50 Grind

50-50 Grind is one of the most basic grinds that beginner skaters should learn. This can be done by doing an Ollie moving to the rail and fitting it between the wheels.

Beginners must practice this trick on a flat rail or Skate park coping before doing it on a handrail.

Note: Handrail skateboarding is dangerous if you’re not good at doing Ollie and Grind tricks. This is where most skaters get injured so don’t rush on trying it out, do the basics first.

Credit to RIDE Channel

6. Boardslide

Boardslide is a slide trick where a skater do an Ollie towards a rail or edge of ramp, turns 90 degrees with the front trucks and slide along.

It’s one of the easiest grind tricks that beginners often try after learning an Ollie.

Credit to Majer Crew

7. Drop in

It’s a fundamental skill commonly used in a Parks and Ramps. Skaters drop in with the board from the top of a ramp and land.

Putting your weight towards the front and leaning forward will help you land this trick.


8. Pumping

This trick is used to maintain or increase the speed on a ramp or half-pipe, it keeps the deck moving while the skater’s feet remains on the  board.

Increasing the speed using Pumping is a technique needed to fly over the lip and pull a cool trick off.

Credit to Justin Lauria

Mastering these basic tricks can help beginners learn the advance moves much easier and can have smoother start.

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